Professional pasta cooker

2 plates of pasta ready in one minute

Two plates of different pastas, ready in only one minute, each with its own condiment: the secret of such efficiency is in the professional Pasta Cooker proposed by the Qui Pasta concept. This tool is suitable for pubs and locales as well as restaurants that want to optimise how their kitchen functions while keeping a high level of quality.

Thanks to the professional Pasta Cooker, it’s possible to transform your locale into a restaurant truly easily:
  • doesn’t require any masonry works,
  • is compact (cm 54x69x60h) in order to be able to find a place even in your service area,
  • is equipped with a fume hood, 
  • is able to prepare 2 different plates of pasta in 1 minute,
  • consumes extremely little energy (1 Kw/h while in stand-by, 2.8 Kw/h maximum power consumption)
  • besides two separate baskets for preparing pasta, it also possesses two different compartments for heating the sauce,
  • once it is ready, the pasta is drained and placed automatically on the plate, which is placed before the cooking basket,
  • possesses a water tank to function autonomously for long periods. 

The professional Pasta Cooker is leased for use, and does not require any initial investment. The only cost is an annual service contract that will allow you to keep the Pasta Cooker in perfect condition, because it provides:
  • on-site assistance,
  • supply of a substitute Pasta Cooker in case of malfunction,
  • no costs for repairs,
  • deep cleaning service once a year with supply of a substitute Pasta Cooker
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