New Food

High-quality primary ingredients and services that are always on the cutting edge

New Food Srl : advanced technologies for food service

New Food comes from an experience of more than twenty years in the food service industry. We are a company that works every day to bring our clients high-quality foods and services that are always on the cutting edge, thanks to the continuous innovation that allows us to always keep up with the times, finding management, logistic and product solutions that can truly make a difference for our clients and their activities.

Every aspect of our service is designed to always give our best, to provide innovation to the food service industry and to offer cutting-edge solutions fitting for the times, tastes and principles of the modern world.

Some history:
New Food S.r.l. was opened in Lecco in 2004 with the specific goal of selling and distributing frozen food products with our own storage units and our own delivery vehicles. Following growing success and an important increase in turnover, in 2006 we went ahead with a 1,000-metre expansion of our existing site. In 2008, after an entire year of planning and testing, the production began of the pizza oven that possesses advanced technical characteristics, essential for best developing the most successful format of the company: the Qui Pizza concept.  concept QUI Pizza.

The year 2012 saw the start-up of New Food Academy. This is an important step the company wanted to take, with the goal of holding periodical technical/commercial seminars to support its clients, to assist them and share with them the values that make New Food a company that is continuously moving and evolving.

Since 2013, New Food has been participating in RistoExpo, an event organised by ConfCommercio Como and Lecco, dedicated to food service professionals. 


Our core values are clear and binding:

  • Value and respect for our human resources
  • Focus on our clientele and customer loyalty
  • Highest attention on quality
  • Continuous evolution and improvement
  • Work safety

We focus on the evolution of our products and services and on continuous improvement, because we can only make a difference by consistently keeping up with the times. We always give the utmost attention to quality, because the goodness of our primary ingredients and the attention we give to production leave their mark, both in the short term and the long term.
We always recognise that the client is central, and we work to deserve their loyalty. This means organising every aspect of the product or service to be convenient, useful, good and fast. Customer loyalty means instilling such a relationship to be able to become true partners that work toward mutual improvement.
We value and respect our human resources, investing in constant training courses without ignoring the safety aspect, both of the workplace and transport vehicles. This is an important element that allows our employees to work with complete peace of mind.
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