Condiments for pasta

The only limit is your imagination

We know that indulging in what you put on your pasta, even changing flavours and offerings every day, is fundamental.
This is why we offer a healthy range of pasta condiments. All high quality, chosen to be ready to give the perfect finishing touch to every first course.

The offerings of the Qui Pasta concept range from creams – artichoke, radicchio, porcini mushrooms, asparagus, cheese, walnut, salmon – to the more classic tomato sauce, Bolognese, amatriciana, arrabbiata, vegetables, shellfish, and pesto Genovese, and even the refined venison, hare and wild boar ragu.

Artichoke, 800 gr.
Radicchio, 800 gr.
Porcini mushroom, 800 gr.
Asparagus, 800 gr.
Cheese, 400 gr.
Walnut, 540 gr.
Salmon, 400 gr.

Cold pasta/rice salad condiments
Oil-based rice dressing, 1700 gr.

Tomato sauce, 800 gr.
Ragu bolognese, 800 gr.
Amatriciana, 800 gr.
Arrabbiata, 800 gr.
Vegetable, 800 gr.
Seafood sauce, 800 gr.
Pesto Genovese, 800 gr.
Hare ragu, 800 gr.
Wild boar ragu, 800 gr.
Venison ragu, 800 gr. Request Free Contact