Cook Pasta Without the Chef

Turn your locale into a restaurant

With the QUI PASTA concept, we’ve removed all obstacles and left only ease of use, speed of preparation and a wide selection of products, allowing you to offer excellent, high-quality pasta first courses that are easy to digest. It also helps you more easily manage your product supply. All without the aid of a chef.

The QUI PASTA concept allows you to prepare great first courses, just like at a restaurant, without investments, stockpiling or taking up space. All you need is 1 minute.

The QUI PASTA concept allows you to prepare great first courses right in your locale, thanks to the wide variety of pastas and condiments that are able to satisfy even the most refined palates. The single servings can be opened and placed directly into the special Pasta Cooker, which will prepare it in only one minute. This way you aren’t left with open packages. Thanks to the two compartments, it’s possible to prepare 2 different, great first courses in just 1 minute, each one with its own condiment.

The QUI PASTA concept is simple and suitable for everyone. It doesn’t require investments, masonry work or large spaces; instead, it can be placed even in small locales, and its speed of preparation of first courses makes it the perfect tool for the lunch break, when time is short and customers are numerous. This way, you can enrich your menu with a large number of tasty options, or why not, change them up periodically to tickle your clients’ taste buds.

The single servings of pasta are designed specifically for use with the Pasta Cooker. Most of the pasta shapes offered in larger packages can be prepared both on the stovetop and in the Pasta Cooker. Request Free Contact