Qui Pasta Concept

Delicious restaurant-quality pasta ready in just one minute

The Qui Pasta concept is designed to allow locales to offer their client great first courses, in extremely short times, simply and without having to perform masonry works.

Here’s how it works. The locale is provided with a special professional pasta cooker able to cook first courses in only one minute: just open the single servings of pasta – Qui Pasta offers all shapes and for all taste s– and place the contents in the two designated baskets while placing a plate before them. In just one minute, the pasta will be cooked, drained and placed plain on the plate, without you having to lift a finger. Meanwhile, the preselected condiments will have been set to heat in their packaging in separate trays: all that’s left is to place it on the plain pasta. And voilà: your excellent first courses are ready!

In this way, it’s possible to offer fast service even in the extremely limited time of the lunch break. The compact dimensions make the professional pasta cooker suitable even for small spaces in many locales, and the low energy consumption makes using it extremely affordable. Meanwhile, since it doesn’t emit steam, there’s no need for any installation works. The professional pasta cooker, created to provide professional results, is provided for the locale without any initial investments: the only cost is a monthly fee that covers all maintenance interventions (both ordinary and extraordinary), deep cleaning once a year, and supply of a substitute professional pasta cooker in case of malfunction that can’t be repaired on site.

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