Filled Pasta

Emozioni di Pasta” Line - high quality for restaurants

Delicious fagottini in the most traditional version with raw ham, or with cheese and pears. Tempting mezzelune with speck. Or dishes that have always taken centre stage on Italian tables, like cappelletti with raw ham, tortelloni with ricotta and spinach, green tortelloni with ricotta and spinach, or tortellini with braised beef. New Food offers a line of filled pastas able to bring together your desire for taste and the need for organisation in the kitchen.

You only need a few seconds in boiling water to serve various dishes to the table, as always with the guarantee of high-quality primary ingredients and a truly exquisite taste, elevated by a variety of sauces.

The pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina, which keeps the pasta from overcooking. The pasta is also free of preservatives and sulphites, making our specialties highly digestible. Request Free Contact