Starred filled pasta

"Emozioni di Pasta” Line - high quality for restaurants

Created for restaurants that aim to be the best and want to delight their clientele with refined dishes and subtle combinations, the starred filled pasta line doesn’t just represent the top end of the New Food offerings for restaurants, but it is also produced to be ready to serve in only a few seconds: distinctions that have claimed success even in the menus of starred restaurants.
And besides, how could you resist the full flavour of PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, the refined taste of salmon and dill, or the exclusivity of lobster or truffle, let alone the skilled combination of figs and goat cheese or scallop and chives? And let’s not forget porcini mushrooms, seasoned artichoke, buffalo mozzarella and fresh spinach, dried tomatoes and aubergine, or evergreen basil and squid ink.

The pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina, which keeps the pasta from overcooking. The pasta is also free of preservatives and sulphites, making our specialties highly digestible. Request Free Contact