Mediterrean Pasta

“Emozioni di Pasta” Line - high quality for restaurants

The best-loved pasta shapes, ready to be served in just a few seconds. Just submerge them in boiling water for about a minute, and voilà, they’re ready to be drained and flavoured, without losing any quality, taste or texture.

An extremely useful service for restaurants and other locales that need to guarantee quick preparation of dishes from the kitchen, but also want to offer their clients excellent first courses. And if you need an extra hand, you can use our ready sauces, perfect to impress every palate!

The pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina, which keeps the pasta from overcooking. The pasta is also free of preservatives and sulphites, making our specialties highly digestible. Request Free Contact


5 confezioni da 1 kg.


5 confezioni da 1 kg.