Gluten-free Pizza

Tasty gluten-free pizza bases to be topped and served in only 2 minutes

The gluten-free pizza bases are available in many formats, with or without tomato sauce, and are delivered in packages of 15 pieces (individually shrink-wrapped) guaranteed to prevent contamination. You don’t need to stockpile pizza bases; just order what you absolutely need. Also, resupply is fast.

To guarantee perfect storage of the pizza bases, they are delivered in our own properly-refrigerated vehicles. All you have left to do is add the toppings and insert them into the special Pizza Oven. This way it’s possible to bake 2 pizzas in only 2 minutes. Quality is what unites all our products: this is why our pizzas are truly as good as what you’ll eat in a pizzeria, and sometimes even better. A long natural rising process, hand-stretching and ingredients of the highest quality give our gluten-free pizza bases great flavour and digestibility. Our gluten-free pizza bases are produced with the highest-quality primary ingredients and contain no preservatives.

And the toppings aren’t any less so: real fiordilatte mozzarella, special tomato sauce for pizza that doesn’t release water, and a wide range of tasty, specially selected vegetables will allow you to offer your clients pizzas that are attractive, delicious and easily digestible. Request Free Contact