Pizza without the pizza chef

Transform your locale into a pizzeria

Qui Pizza concept: pizzeria-quality pizza, without the pizza chef and ready in 2 minutes.
With the Qui Pizza concept, we’ve eliminated all barriers and left only the ease of use, speed of preparation and a wide selection of products, allowing you to offer great, highly-digestible pizza, as well as easier management of your product supply.

With the Qui Pizza concept, transform your shop into a pizzeria, without investments, stockpiling or taking up space! All you need is 2 minutes for the perfect pizza.

Thanks to the Qui Pizza concept, you’ll be able to prepare great pizzas like in a pizzeria directly from your locale, without masonry work or investments, and even in small spaces. And if you’re worried about baking time, don’t worry: our special oven is able to prepare 2 pizzas in 2 minutes!

The Qui Pizza concept is truly simple and convenient: the special Pizza Oven, which is small and able to bake 2 pizzas in 2 minutes, is provided without any initial investment. The only cost is a monthly assistance fee that allows you to always keep the oven in perfect condition. It’s a done deal: now you just have to buy the pizza bases, supplied in packaging with limited pieces so you don’t have to stockpile, top as you like and place it in the oven. Two minutes later, the pizza is ready. A service perfect for even the fast-paced lunchbreak. Request Free Contact