Pizza Toppings

Top-quality toppings for Pizza

A good pizza can’t overlook the quality of its toppings. This is why the QUI Pizza concept offers you the ability to purchase the highest-quality ingredients to give the right finishing touch to your pizzas.

Above all there are two fundamental components. Naturally, we’re talking about the tomato sauce and the mozzarella. The former is a special tomato sauce for pizza, processed in such a way so that it won’t release water while cooking, so your pizza stays crispy. The same goes for the mozzarella. Real, high-quality fiordilatte mozzarella, made of only salt, milk, rennet and lactic ferments. In other words: maximum taste.

The final touch comes with a series of truly gourmet options: grilled peppers, grilled aubergine, grilled courgettes, seasoned champignons, seasoned porcini mushrooms, grilled mixed vegetables, sliced artichoke, all selected and carefully processed to give you the full flavour of whole vegetables. Discover our range of options.

Grilled peppers in oil, 800 gr.
Grilled courgettes in oil, 800 gr.
Grilled aubergines in oil, 800 gr.
Mixed vegetables in oil, 1900 gr.

Seasoned porcini mushrooms in oil, 800 gr.
Seasoned champignons, 2550 gr.
Sliced artichoke in oil, 800 gr.
Pomodì (pizza tomato sauce) , 2550 gr. Request Free Contact