Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica For Mens Online Buy

Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica

Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica received the highest awards in haute horology, receiving both the first and second prizes. The "Watch of the Year" first prize was won by this innovative timepiece at the Montres Passion annual competition in Geneva. Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica won the Men's Watch trophy at the 11th Grand Prix d'horlogerie de Geneve a few days later.

The Montres Passion's 2011 Watch of the Year Award Show awarded the Arceau model Le Temps Suspendu the "undeniable poem, creative audacity, and ingenious mechanism" award. The case is the originality of this model, and its name boldly describes it. The "Time Suspender", which suspends time and responds to your wishes,best replica watches is truly innovative. This patent-pending technological innovation is unique in watchmaking.

Although it is a complex complication at the moment, it is easy to understand and that is what makes it so appealing. This watch shows the time and date on a central display. One press of the pushbutton will cause the 360deg retrograde hour- and minute hands to move in an impossible position. This does not interrupt the operation of the mechanism. One click will bring back the time by repositioning your hands in the correct position.

This amazing achievement is backed by a great idea: Take a break from now and then, fully surrender to the moment. You can also mark these moments with loved ones, when you don't want to think about the past.

This sophisticated mechanism allows for romantic play with time. It is a self-winding motion that oscillates at a frequency of 28800 vibrations an hour (4Hz) and has a reserve of 42 hours. An additional module allows for the alternation of regular and suspended time. It is controlled by two synchronized column wheel wheels. One for hours,richard mille replica watches the other for minutes and dates.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica Only Watch Arceau Time Suspended watchpiece features a 43mm case in stainless steel. There is also a limited edition in rose gold. The silver dial matches the brown alligator strap while the black dial variant matches the black alligator bracelet. The dial is beautifully designed and features radial Breguet numbers that add a touch of style to the watch. The dial also features a "time suspended" area at 12 o'clock that allows you to lock polished steel hands.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of haute horology was instrumental in bringing this watch to life. After many years of development, Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica was awarded a great honor. This will help the Paris-based brand establish itself as an innovative watch manufacturer.