Single-servings of Pasta

Single servings of pasta suited for pubs

Specially designed to facilitate cooking in locales, the single servings of pasta are convenient, quickly prepared and allow you to offer each client a different pasta shape, without running the risk of leaving behind open or unused packages. The high quality of the primary ingredients and the careful preparation mean that it is always perfectly cooked and that the taste is excellent.

Available in a wide range of shapes, the single servings satisfy all tastes and are prepared in only one minute in the special professional Pasta Cooker. Just place them in the two baskets to have your own pasta dish in a few seconds, ready to flavour as desired and serve to the client.

The pasta is produced with durum wheat semolina, which allows it to be always perfectly cooked and never overdone. It also contains no preservatives or sulphites, making our specialty highly digestible. Request Free Contact


30 monoporzioni da 200gr.


30 monoporzioni da 200gr.